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Head of Software Development 2500 587 bloom diagnostics

Head of Software Development

We are on the lookout for an exceptional Head of Software Development who can build, coordinate and contribute to the development of a fully compliant mobile application for our unique medical diagnostics platform.

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Full Stack Developer (Android/iOS) 2500 587 bloom diagnostics

Full Stack Developer (Android/iOS)

The primary function of the Full Stack Developer is to work with functional team members to develop ISO 13485:2016 and ISO:62304:2006 compliant mobile applications.

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Medical Director 2500 581 bloom diagnostics

Medical Director

We are on the lookout for a Medical Director who is dedicated to leveraging their top-notch expertise and network to help advance the diagnostics sector and bring meaningful health benefits to our users.

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Product Developer (Hardware) 2500 587 bloom diagnostics

Product Developer (Hardware)

The primary function of the Electronics Engineer is to, together with other team members, help develop ISO 13485:2016 compliant class II electronic medical diagnostic devices, that are part of a wider diagnostics platform. You will be based in Vienna, directly reporting to our CPO.

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Medical Researcher 2500 581 bloom diagnostics

Medical Researcher

You will be working with our Product Team to support our medical research, and the development and validation of consumer-focused medical software products.

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As a startup, we value perseverance and dedication, but we also believe in celebrating successes and failures alike. You live and learn: but most importantly, you should enjoy the journey along the way.


We all love our independence when it comes to working style and location. Teamwork means making sure that each individual counts and is accountable. We support each other, without constraining each other, so that we can all flourish.


We have all set out to try out something new. We are curious by nature and believe in learning and educating ourselves and our team. No one knows exactly what the finish line will bring: but that’s what makes it all so exciting.

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