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Medical Researcher 1920 534 bloom diagnostics

Medical Researcher

In order to expand our diagnostics library and bolster our research team, we are looking for medical researchers to join us in Vienna.

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Regulatory Affairs Specialist 1920 534 bloom diagnostics

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

To support the realisation of our vision we are searching for an internationally-minded Regulatory Affairs Specialist to join our growing team in Vienna.

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As a startup, we value perseverance and dedication, but we also believe in celebrating successes and failures alike. You live and learn: but most importantly, you should enjoy the journey along the way.


We all love our independence when it comes to working style and location. Teamwork means making sure that each individual counts and is accountable. We support each other, without constraining each other, so that we can all flourish.


We have all set out to try out something new. We are curious by nature and believe in learning and educating ourselves and our team. No one knows exactly what the finish line will bring: but that’s what makes it all so exciting.

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