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    Bloom About

    We believe in a future where healthcare is more accessible.

    Our innovative diagnostics platform combines state-of-the-art medical knowledge, computer science, biotechnology and data analytics and enables you to gain deep health insights in only a few minutes.

    Bloom Diagnostics

    What we stand for

    Proactive health

    Our health influences our well-being more than we think, that is why we help people to understand their bodies better and take a proactive approach to their health.

    Accessible knowledge

    By providing easy, cost-effective access and translation of medical data into actionable information, we aim to reduce inequalities in healthcare.


    Health data is extremely personal and confidential, that is why we apply the highest security standards. All data is anonymized and encrypted throughout.

    Bloom Founders

    Meet the founders

    Angelica Kohlmann, MD, PhD

    Co-founder & Executive Chairman

    Tom Kupper

    Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

    Bloom Team

    Meet some of us

    Roberta Balistreri


    Boris Hrkic


    Lara Wartak


    Ismar Ramic


    Filip Duvnjak


    Christoph Aschl


    Melis Sakic


    Emir Bojagic


    Verena Köhler


    Esmer Muslimovic


    Denis Folvarek


    Bence Szemes


    Bloom Values

    How we work together


    We believe that people perform at their best, when they feel valued, respected and safe. There is merit in seeing another’s viewpoint. Disagreements can always be resolved friendly and professionally.


    We assume that we don’t know all the answers yet. We are curious by nature and believe in learning and educating ourselves and our team. No one knows exactly what the finish line will bring. In this lies excitement.


    We trust each other to make the right decisions and deliver our pieces of the puzzle. Independent of working style or location. Teamwork means making sure that each individual counts and is accountable. It’s support without constraint.

    Bloom Career

    Work with us!

    Are you interested in joining our team?


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