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    Data-driven lab results

    Bloom uses data insights to create user value
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    Every test adds new data

    With every test done Bloom collects dozens of data points in addition to the measurement value, such as age, weight, height, symptoms, medical history, smoking habits, exercise habits and supplements. They help us to help you.

    • 300000+

      Data points collected

    We transform data to insights

    We validate our data pool against established medical knowledge, to ensure that we aggregate quality insights.

    Women are more likely to be iron deficient than men.

    Matched with >790,000 research papers.

    Women at childbearing age are more likely to be iron deficient.

    Matched with >28,000 research papers.

    Women with heavy menstrual bleeding are more likely to be iron deficient.

    Matched with >11,000 studies.

    Bloom Analytics (coming soon)

    Bloom works to build valuable data products for users and business partners, which further enrich the Bloom experience.



    Understand how your results compare to similar users.


    Explore what users with other results are doing differently.


    Understand your results in context.


    Learn what can be done from others.

    End to end encryption

    Only your Bloom App holds the key to decrypt your results.

    Biometric security

    Your Bloom App requires identification through fingerprint or facial recognition.


    Bloom only processes anonymized, bucketed data to generate insights.

    GDPR Compliance

    Bloom is fully compliant with the strictest privacy regulations in the world.

    We take privacy seriously

    At Bloom Diagnostics, privacy is paramount. Data used to generate insights is anonymized and bucketed. Through end-to-end encryption, your data is secure, and robust access controls give you the power to control who sees your information.

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