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    Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run

    January 30, 2023

    Reading Time: 2 Minutes

    The 34th ASICS Austrian Women’s Run will take place on May 22nd in Wien this year and we are very proud that Bloom Diagnostics can be part of it again. This year the women’s run takes place with the motto We run to move, because it stands for empowerment, motivation and a women’s movement that has set itself a strong goal.

    Whether alone or as a team, old or young, whether you’re taking part in the 5 or 10 km run or the 5 km Nordic Walking, the women’s run welcomes all women and girls who want to participate. Runners can even take part virtually on their own route! Although the pre-registration period is already over, as long as there are race tickets available, participants can register directly on-site at the help desk on May 21st.

    Bloom Diagnostics will be on-site on both May 21st and May 22nd and we look forward to seeing you there! You will find us right at our tent, where we will answer all your questions about Bloom and you can try one of our tests at a reduced price. For only 10€ you have the chance to test your iron value or thyroid status!

    If you’d like to pre-register for a test so you don’t have to wait in line, you can do so here. All further information about the women’s run can be found here and about Bloom as always on our website.

    Bye for now!

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