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    Bloom to launch one of a kind diagnostic companion

    April 1, 2024

    Testing will get way more personal with the Bloom Lab 2.0. This diagnostic companion enables you to take unparalleled control of your health. A healthy lifestyle will keep the companion “happy” – like a pet, the device can move and listen. But the best part: It also can talk! Introducing the ブルーム LAB COMPANION. 

    Exciting new features include: 

    • Voice-activation: Calling the companion by its name will end sleep mode and initiate a testing flow.
    • Reminders: The companion will follow you around the house and ask if you have taken your vitamins. If required, it can also order your supplements for you!     
    • Surprise pricking: Afraid of pricking yourself to get a drop of blood? You can now rely on your companion for support: Like a pet the device will ask you for affection. When being stroked, a lancet will be released by surprise. Blood collection has never been more comfortable!
    • Multisensory indicator: Lancets from pricking are collected and safely stored in an integrated biohazard waste bin. Once the bin is full a smell capsule releases a stringent odor to let you know it is time to empty the bin and replenish the lancets in your device. You can choose between “dog poo” and “skunk” fragrance*.
    • Pet household integration: The device features a possum mode (play dead upon unwanted contact) and a pet pheromone vaporizer. Choose between cat, dog and arachnoid compatibility** to ensure the highest acceptance among your four- or eight-legged friend.

    This one of a kind development was made possible by the combined efforts of Bloom Diagnostics and a soon to be disclosed major player in the global digital games sector. Bloom’s strong partner for this project is a Japanese company – rollout of the Bloom Lab companion is planned for Q3 2024 in Japan and Q4 2024 in European markets. 

    * More to be added soon.
    ** Top 3 pets according to Bloom Marketing Survey among 14 representative households.

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