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    Our smart system combines laboratory technology with personalized analysis.
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    Learn how Annabelle manages her health from the comfort of her home with the Bloom System.

    Bloom System

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    The Bloom System combines real-time data processing with medical research

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    • State-of-the-art data encryption and safety
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    Bloom Products

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    Bloom Lab
    299.00 EUR

    The Bloom Lab analyzes Bloom Test strips in a few minutes and sends the results to your Bloom App, which generates your personalized health report.

    *Requires Bloom Test and Bloom App.

    Iron Reserve Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Ferritin Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Curious Starter Pack
    379.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab, 1 Bloom Ferritin Test, 1 Bloom Thyroid Test, 1 Bloom Inflammation Test and 1 Bloom Kidney Test.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Ferritin Test
    24.00 EUR

    Measures iron stores in individuals who suspect to have iron deficiency or iron overload. Intended for healthcare professional use.

    *Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

    Thyroid Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Thyroid Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Thyroid Test
    24.00 EUR

    Reflects the thyroidal status and screens for primary hypothyroidism. It measures the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which is produced by the pituitary gland, a small organ located in the brain. Intended for healthcare professional use.

    *Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

    Ovarian Reserve Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 2 Bloom Ovarian Reserve Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Inflammation Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Inflammation Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Inflammation Test
    24.00 EUR

    The Bloom Inflammation Test measures your C-reactive protein (CRP) level, a well-established indicator of inflammation. Intended for healthcare professional use.

    *Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

    Kidney Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Kidney Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Kidney Test
    24.00 EUR

    The Bloom Kidney Test measures your cystatin C level, a well-established indicator of kidney function. Intended for healthcare professional use.

    *Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

    Bloom Testimonials

    What others are saying

    It was quite simple and as advertised. You then have whole lists of what to look out for when the iron level is low.


    It was very easy with the app, it's relatively self-explanatory. I now have a clue within 10 minutes what I should do.


    I was surprised at how well it worked.


    This is something genius.


    It was super easy.


    What is provided for the test – super thoughtful.


    It went great.


    My experience was actually really really good. I’m a little bit addicted, I would say.


    It was very nicely explained. Both the labeling and the videos made it very easy to go through the process.


    Would definitely be handy to do it more often and not always having to check for a full blood status.


    Goes fast.

    Bloom Blog

    News and events

    How does exercise affect inflammation?

    In this blog we will have a closer look at the connection between exercise and inflammation. First, we will get into what inflammation is, how it affects your body, and how you can measure it.

    Read more March 20, 2023
    Test your iron stores for free at the ÖGGK’s testing week with a Bloom Ferritin Test

    Bloom Diagnostics is beyond excited to announce its upcoming collaboration with ÖGGK (Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze).

    Read more March 15, 2023
    How to keep your kidneys healthy

    Well-functioning kidneys are important for your well-being. That's why it's important to protect them. In this blog, we'll tell you how to keep your kidneys healthy.

    Read more March 10, 2023
    What is celiac disease and how does it affect your iron levels?

    Celiac disease is a life-long, autoimmune, genetic disease which causes the immune system to react abnormally to the consumption of gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley.

    Read more March 5, 2023
    The Global Burden of Kidney Disease

    Non-communicable diseases are among the ten greatest threats to human health, according to the World Health Organization. Over 70% of all deaths worldwide are said to be caused by non-communicable conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

    Read more February 25, 2023
    What is inflammation and why do we need it?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks noncommunicable diseases among the top 10 greatest threats to human health. These are diseases that cannot be transmitted from one person to another, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

    Read more February 20, 2023
    Case Study: genetic hemochromatosis patient can now test his iron stores from home

    Would you like to learn about challenges of a genetic hemochromatosis patient? Read the case study on how Bloom device was used to tackle those challenges.

    Read more February 15, 2023
    Interview: My Experience with Hemochromatosis

    Interview with Johan, Hemochromatosis Patient. Two years ago he discovered that he is genetically predisposed to get the symptoms of hemochromatosis caused by the C282Y mutation. He has since become a big advocate of genetic testing and aims to raise awareness of hereditary hemochromatosis since patients often go undiagnosed for a long time. Learn today about his journey through Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Read more February 10, 2023
    What you should know about the thyroid

    In this article we want to tell you more about your thyroid – how it works, which disorders you might expect, and how they affect women more often than men.

    Read more February 5, 2023
    Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run

    This year Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run and offers the possibility to gain insights into your iron stores or thyroid status - for only €10!

    Read more January 30, 2023
    What I learned in my Bloom Internship

    Meet Lisa, our data scientist. She joined Bloom last October as a data science intern and will become a full-time employee once she completes her master's degree. Lisa keeps a weekly log of her learnings to stay motivated and have guidance when approaching new challenges. She shares her experiences and tips about her Data Science internship.

    Read more January 25, 2023
    Can regular and intense sport lead to iron deficiency?

    You exercise regularly and spend more than 10h a week engaging in sport activities. You watch what you eat, you limit sweets, snacks and alcohol intake. And yet, you still feel fatigue. Sounds familiar? If it does, one possible reason could be low iron levels. And while there are numerous articles online on iron deficiency, there is very little relevant information out there that addresses athletes and sportspeople in particular.

    Read more January 20, 2023
    Simple Guide to Female Reproductive Anatomy

    Do you know all of the components of your reproductive system? If someone asked you where your urethra is, or if you were asked about the purpose of your cervix, would you know the answer? Knowing your body is key to good health and well-being.

    Read more January 15, 2023
    Ovarian Reserve: What it is, how it is measured, what influences it?

    Whether you are thinking of starting a family or you would like to know more about your fertility as a female, it is important to understand the topic of your eggs.

    Read more January 10, 2023
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    Our goal is to enable people to better connect to their health. To achieve this, we developed a digital test system that combines biotechnology, real-time data processing and medical research. We want to provide people with information about their health in an understandable way.

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