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Bloom Kidney Test

The Bloom Kidney Test measures your cystatin C level, a well-established indicator of kidney function. The testing process only takes a few minutes and needs just a drop of blood.

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Cystatin C

The measured cystatin C value is used to estimate the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which represents how well your kidneys filter blood. At a normal level, cystatin C indicates that your kidneys are functioning well, while a high level indicates an imbalance. 

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Symptoms of low kidney function are often unspecific. They include:

  • Itching
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen legs
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Sleep problems
  • More or less urination than usual
  • Muscle cramps

The Bloom Kidney Test can check if those symptoms might be related to your kidney function.

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Get fast results

A few minutes after taking the test, you can view the Bloom Kidney report on your phone. It explains your test results and provides you with personalized recommendations.


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How it works

Performing a Bloom Test couldn’t be easier. In this short video, Anabelle guides you through the process. Try it yourself at one of Bloom’s locations, where you can test with the help of healthcare professionals.

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One package. All you need.

The Bloom Kidney Test includes everything you need to autonomously perform a blood test and gain insights into your kidney function.

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More than just a test result

In conjunction with the Bloom Lab and the Bloom App, the Bloom Kidney Test quantifies and interprets your test results for you. Based on research done by our medical team and established healthcare guidelines, the Bloom App can help you to read and understand your test results.

Your medical history – current symptoms, chronic illnesses, medications, and lifestyle – provide the basis for this interpretation. Your data will be encrypted and protected.

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Track. Act. 

Every time you take a Bloom Kidney Test, your results are saved in the Bloom App. This way, you can track your test results over time and see how your kidney function develops.

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Cystatin C

Cystatin C is a well-established indicator of kidney function widely used in clinical practice by healthcare professionals. Cystatin C is a protein produced by cells that can be easily measured in your blood. Based on the cystatin C results, the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) can be estimated, which indicates how well your kidneys are working.

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Are you a medical professional?

Become a partner and offer the Bloom System to your patients. Get the Bloom System delivered to your home from our webshop or get in touch to learn more.

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Bloom Lab

299.00 EUR

The Bloom Lab analyzes Bloom Test strips in a few minutes and sends the results to your Bloom App, which generates your personalized health report.


Requires Bloom Test and Bloom App.

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Kidney Starter Pack

369.00 EUR

Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Kidney Tests.


Requires Bloom App.

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Kidney Test

24.00 EUR

The Bloom Kidney Test measures your cystatin C level, a well-established indicator of kidney function. Intended for healthcare professional use.


Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

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The Bloom Kidney Test is suitable for anyone 18 years old and above who is curious about their cystatin C level and their kidney function. The Bloom Kidney Test is not intended for detecting acute kidney injury (AKI). Do not take the Bloom Kidney Test if you are pregnant, have been diagnosed with acute kidney injury within the past 2 weeks or with chronic kidney disease or if you are a kidney transplant recipient.

Do not take the Bloom Kidney Test if you are on dialysis treatment.

The Bloom Kidney Test results should be interpreted with caution in case of: hyper- or hypothyroidism, inflammation, diabetes, obesity, regular smoking or corticosteroid usage, and in case of severe disease such as cancer, heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.

Disclaimer: Currently The Bloom Kidney Test is only approved for professional use, meaning that it needs to be used in the presence of a healthcare professional.

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