Feel Good with Bloom

On June 25th and 26th, Bloom Diagnostics was thrilled to be part of the Viennese Feel Good festival at Hohe Warte for the first time. Although the rainy weather was not in anyone’s favor at first, it couldn’t disrupt the great mood that the festival goers or the Bloom team were in, and the sun warmed everyone up soon enough. Between sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation, visitors were able to try out the Bloom System at a reduced price.

A large crowd doing jumping jacks in front of a stage at Hohe Warte


When festival goers weren’t taking part in a fitness session, they could scout the arena for protein bars, refreshing drinks, and the Bloom testing tent to try a Bloom Ferritin Test, which indicates your iron stores, for just 10€.

At first, some users weren’t sure about pricking their finger with a lancet, but were pleasantly surprised that the process didn’t hurt at all. Although the Bloom team was ready to assist when needed, most users were able to complete the self-test on their own, proving how easy it can be to take your healthcare into your own hands.

Christina, one of the users, said about the test that it was “very easy. You are very well guided: by the app and as well as by the people around. And it doesn’t even hurt.”

Inside the Bloom tent participants take tests. The Bloom team stands ready to assist.


Iron deficiency is an issue that affects many people – especially women and athletes. Given this chance to raise awareness about the connection between athletics and iron deficiency, Bloom was happy to support many festival goers in testing themselves. Many participants already suspected or had already tested for low iron stores in the past, and were glad to get an insight into their iron stores with the Bloom Ferritin Test.

Thanks to the Bloom System, they were able to either confirm their suspicion or see the changes in their levels – all within just a few minutes. Vifor Pharma, a Bloom partner company, was present at the event with an expert to inform participants with low ferritin levels about possible changes to their lifestyles.

The Bloom tent empty the night before the event during set-up.

The Bloom team was also happy to join the active spirit of the event and offered free Bloom Ferritin Tests to five winners of the invisible wall squat challenge. Festival goers also had the opportunity to participate in a raffle to win their very own Bloom Starter Pack, which includes a Bloom Lab and three Bloom Ferritin Tests.

Finally, the Bloom team enjoyed some yoga poses at the end of the day themselves.

The Bloom team posing for a group photo in front of the Bloom tent. They are in meditation and yoga poses.

The Bloom team congratulates the lucky winners and hopes that everyone feels well-rested after this eventful weekend and hopes to see you again soon!

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