Bloom to expand into veterinary home market with self-test for cats 

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND; April 1, 2022: Bloom Diagnostics announced its plans to expand into the veterinary home market with a new line of products. An upcoming player in the growing home-testing market, Bloom offers smart tests for lay users to check health markers such as iron stores and thyroid levels. All available Bloom Tests, however, have been solely developed for human use.

“There is an estimated number of 20 quintillion animals on earth. Limiting ourselves to just 8 billion humans seems a bit silly.” said Tom Kupper, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Bloom.

The company plans to roll out a line of products that capture the animal market, starting with cats. 
Developed in close collaboration with product specialists, medical experts and animal lovers the new “Bloom Kitty Test” is the world’s first at home test to be self-performed by cats.

Bloom’s research group spent months talking to potential customers. After some initial questions, surveys show: Cats are more excited about the Bloom Kitty Test than they are about 95% of cat food brands.

Verena Köhler, PhD, Biotech Specialist at Bloom, explains how it works: Three drops of milk are added to the sample window on the test cassette. The cat licks the sample window, adding saliva to the strip. As the milk/saliva mix flows along the membrane, biomolecules within the cat’s saliva bind to gold-conjugated detector antibodies, generating a visible test line. The milk in the sample mix does not only function as an aid for sample collection, but also has a membrane blocking function, increasing the sensitivity of the test.

Bloom’s entire portfolio of cat products will include tests for detecting classical feline health biomarkers for kidney and thyroid, as well as completely novel ones for mental wellbeing and unnatural hair loss.


One customer, Minz, had the chance to test the Bloom Kitty Test at Bloom’s flagship Store in Zurich, Fortunagasse 11. “ I was meowd from the very beginning. It was the purrfect opportunity to learn more about my health. Uzing the Cat Lab seemed very furmiliar. I haz my resultz in only 10 minutes and heard they even protected my data. Five paws. Will buy again.”  


Bloom believes this is just the beginning. It recognizes the positive customer feedback and works to ensure the wellbeing of all creatures.

When asked if Bloom would limit itself to mammals in the long run, Tom Kupper responded “We don’t exclude future plans to add fish to our growing user base. I like sushi.”

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