Case Study: genetic hemochromatosis patient can now test his iron stores from home


Written by Justyna Wiraszka
Reading Time: 2 Minutes 


Genetic Hemochromatosis is a disorder which causes an excess of iron to build up in your body. At a certain level, iron stores can become dangerously high and damage your organs if you don’t seek treatment. If you are getting treated, however, regular bloodletting (phlebotomy) will be part of the process to rid your body of the excess iron, as well as ferritin tests, which measure the iron stores in your blood.


Johan, a 36-year-old researcher with an interest in biotechnology and drug development, is one such genetic hemochromatosis patient. He regularly undergoes venous bloodletting and ferritin tests as part of his treatment. One of the challenges Johan faces is that he only gets to know his ferritin level after the bloodletting has already taken place.

“It would be much better if I could have a test before I decide to donate blood, and then make a test afterwards to control the new level” he remarks on the treatment.

Solution: the Bloom Ferritin Test

This is where Bloom Diagnostics can help out. With the Bloom Ferritin Test, anyone can test their own blood with just the prick of a finger and receive results from the Bloom Lab within a few minutes. The test only requires a few drops of blood.

With the medical information you give the Bloom App, which will be encrypted for your privacy, you will receive a personalized report and recommendations, based on top-notch research done by Bloom’s medical team.

Would you like to know more about Johan’s journey with Genetic Hemochromatosis? Read our Interview with Johan.

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