Bloom Diagnostics meets WOMAN meets G3

On May 28th, Bloom Diagnostics joined the WOMAN meets G3 event at the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf for the second year in a row. The Bloom Ferritin Test and Bloom Thyroid Test were offered at a special price of 10€ per test instead of the usual 24€! 


Placed right at the entrance of section B, many curious shoppers approached Bloom’s testing station to learn about its products. In total, more than 60 tests were sold to users who were eager to find out their iron level or thyroid status. Many of them, especially women, already suspected that their iron levels were low or that their thyroid was underactive, and were able to get clear results with the Bloom Tests within just 10 minutes.


Although the Bloom team was ready to assist users with the testing process, most found it easy enough to perform on their own. “At first it scared me a bit when I heard [blood sampling] but it's really, really easy, so I'm sure anyone can do it,” Thomas, a satisfied customer, said after testing with the Bloom Thyroid Test.

While waiting for their test results, many customers were thrilled to take part in the contest for a chance to receive their very own Bloom starter pack – consisting of a Bloom Lab, two Bloom Ferritin Tests, and one Bloom Thyroid Test. Participants simply had to pose for a polaroid photo and share a personal health or fitness goal with us. 


The lucky winner, Sonja, was picked at the end of the day and will soon be receiving her very own Bloom Starter Pack! 

If you would like to see more from the event, head over to our Instagram page and have a look at the story highlight titled WOMAN Meets G3.

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