Bloom X Adidas Runners’ -  International Women’s Day 

This year on the 8th of March, Bloom Diagnostics, in collaboration with Adidas Runners, celebrated International Women’s Day at the Adidas store in the heart of Vienna. 

This partnership stemmed from the common goal of celebrating and supporting women. 

Among other things, the Adidas Runners team organized a free bra fitting event where women are invited to try and find the perfect sports bra with the help of an expert. 

Bloom Diagnostics strived to enhance the well-being of women from the inside, by offering the Bloom Ferritin Test at a discounted price for all visitors of the Adidas store. This test is designed to reflect iron stores within minutes, and provides relevant recommendations to help one achieve an optimal level of iron level in the body. To further tackle the issue of iron deficiency, which women are more susceptible to due to menstruation every month, a Bloom medical expert was present at the event to educate visitors on the role of iron, indications and reasons for iron deficiency as well as provide recommendations to increase one’s iron level. 

When asked if she could imagine having a Bloom system at home, one satisfied customer at the event said, ‘when one feels weak or bad, we can see (with the Bloom Lab) if the iron level is a reason and based on that make changes to your diet.’

The Bloom System enables anyone to measure blood markers in a few minutes from the comfort of their homes or at one of our partner locations. In addition to the Bloom Ferritin Test, the Bloom Thyroid Test is available as well.

Keep a look out for our other events and grab the chance to try out other tests that we offer!

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