Bloom’s record-breaking success at the Swiss Women’s Run

On June 12th, Bloom Diagnostics had the incredible pleasure of taking part in the 36th Swiss Women’s Run in Bern – the biggest women’s sports event in Switzerland! The Bloom team was excited to offer the Bloom Lab and Tests to participants at a reduced price and strengthen preventative health awareness at this event.

A small crowd in front of the Bloom tent


Both the Bloom Ferritin Test and the Bloom Thyroid Test were available for only 10 CHF. The Bloom Ferritin Test is useful for anyone who is concerned or just curious about their iron stores. The test can indicate an iron deficiency, an issue that affects many athletes and especially women – which is why it was particularly important to Bloom to be present at the Swiss Women’s Run. The Bloom Thyroid Test, on the other hand, measures your TSH-level, which can indicate an underactive thyroid, an issue many affected people are not aware they have due to its nonspecific symptoms such as weight gain or hair loss.

The Bloom tent full of runners taking tests, assisted by the Bloom team


In fact, many of participants at the Women’s Run told the Bloom team that they had already experienced issues with low iron stores or an underactive thyroid in the past, and were excited about the option of using the Bloom System to test themselves from the comfort of their own home. What amazed them even more, though, was how fast their test results came back, needing only to wait a few minutes after taking the test.

“Fast, efficient – even though I was very afraid of pricking myself, everything went great,” one of the users was happy to report.

Two excited members of the Bloom smiling and giving a thumbs-up

Overall, the event was a huge success for the Bloom team! With over 120 tests perfomed, Bloom broke its personal record for most tests taken in one day at an event. Although the work was hard, the Bloom team stuck together and helped each other out wherever possible. The high number of tests and all our customers’ positive feedback kept them motivated and reaffirmed that Bloom is contributing to the future of healthcare technology.

Bloom would also like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle! 60 participants posed for a polaroid photo and shared a personal health wish with the Bloom team for a chance to win their own Bloom Starter Pack, containing a Bloom Lab and three tests, worth a total of 369 CHF. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

The Bloom team posing for a group photo in front of the Bloom tent


If you didn’t get the chance to visit Bloom at the Swiss Women’s Run, you can still enjoy the Bloom experience in Bern by going to eigerApotheke, one of Bloom’s partner locations. You can also visit Olympia Apotheke or the Bloom Store in Zürich – or simply order online. All other partner locations can be found in the Try It section of our website.

And if you were one of the runners at the event, don’t forget to take advantage of the Bloom vouchers in your program brochure! In there, you will find more information about Bloom and discounts for some of Bloom’s products.

The Bloom team had a great time there and is looking forward to seeing you again at the next event!

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