Just feel like taking a test without purchasing the whole system?

Taking blood sample

Everything you need in one spot

You will be assisted by our staff of medical professionals who are happy to guide you through the testing process and answer any questions that you might still have. There you will have access to our entire assortment of tests without worrying about pesky delivery fees and can pick it up directly from the store.

Bloom Store Zurich

History of Bloom and the store

After providing customers with at-home self-tests since 2018, Bloom’s first flagship store opened in September 2021 in the heart of Zurich. By supplying users with easy-to-use blood tests for self-use that only take a few minutes to show results, the store contributes to Bloom’s mission of making healthcare more accessible. 


Our staff is made up of medically trained professionals. They are happy to explain the Bloom system to you and answer any related questions you might have.

Choose your blood test


The Bloom Thyroid Test shows the thyroid status within minutes and can indicate primary hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid. Learn more.


The Bloom Ferritin Test is designed to quickly reflect your body’s iron stores. Learn more.


Coming soon


The Bloom Inflammation Test measures your C-reactive protein (CRP) level, a well-established indicator of inflammation. Learn more.

Hard facts


Fortunagasse 11, 8001, Zürich.  

Opening hours (no appointment needed): 

Mo: 10-18, Tu-Fri: 09-18, Sat: 10-16

Phone number: 

+41 79 355 38 58


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