Bloom Diagnostics partners again with ASICS Austrian Women’s Run

On May 21st and 22nd 2022, Bloom Diagnostics took part in the ASICS Austrian Women’s Run, offering the Bloom Thyroid Test and Bloom Ferritin Test to over 18.000 participants attending the event. This proved to be a very meaningful event for Bloom, as we especially underline the health of women and athletes. Additionally, Bloom partnered with Vifor Pharma Austria to raise awareness of iron deficiency and to taking a more proactive approach to health by testing your iron level.

In addition to returning customers, many tried out the Bloom System for the first time, resulting in almost 200 tests conducted over the weekend. Many users were surprised at how easy it was to test themselves and were impressed with how fast they received their test results.


‘I found the test totally uncomplicated with the detailed instructions provided by the app. I didn't even have to request any help from the Bloom team. The entire process was very pleasant,’ commented Herbert, 25, a satisfied user of the Bloom Ferritin Test. 

The Bloom Ferritin Test made several users aware of their low iron levels. Fortunately, they were able to get more insights in the Bloom App or consult with an expert from Vifor Pharma Austria on how they can better combat this issue. Iron deficiency is very common among athletes, and especially women. Symptoms may include fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor physical performance and weakness.

‘I received a recommendation by the app to visit a doctor. It was good to test with the Bloom System and receive a result immediately,’ remarked Sarah, 22, a user of the Bloom Thyroid Test. This test may indicate an underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism, a condition that is often difficult to diagnose due to its nonspecific symptoms such as hair loss and weight gain. 

The ASICS Austrian Women’s Run also offered a great opportunity for various members of the Bloom team to work together. Although tiring, the setting up and dismantling of the tent and equipment proved to be a rewarding experience that let the team achieve a common goal. Lots of sunscreen was applied and healthy snacks and water were provided for everyone to stay healthy, hydrated and energized. Four employees even participated in the run, achieving a running record of 22 minutes for the 5k track. 


Bloom Diagnostics would like to thank everyone who tested with us and especially those who participated in our raffle by posing for a polaroid photo and sharing a personal health goal. Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the raffle who received their very own Bloom Starter Pack, consisting of a Bloom Lab, two Bloom Ferritin Tests, and a Bloom Thyroid Test, worth a total of 360€!


Stay tuned and join us at future events!

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