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    Étiquette : ferritin

    Testez gratuitement vos réserves de fer lors de la semaine de dépistage de l’ÖGGK avec un test de ferritine Bloom

    Bloom Diagnostics est extrêmement heureux d'annoncer sa prochaine collaboration avec ÖGGK (Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze).

    En savoir plus mars 15, 2023
    Qu’est-ce que la maladie cœliaque et comment affecte-t-elle vos niveaux de fer ?

    Celiac disease is a life-long, autoimmune, genetic disease which causes the immune system to react abnormally to the consumption of gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley.

    En savoir plus mars 5, 2023
    Étude de cas : un patient atteint d’hémochromatose génétique peut désormais tester ses réserves de fer depuis chez lui

    Would you like to learn about challenges of a genetic hemochromatosis patient? Read the case study on how Bloom device was used to tackle those challenges.

    En savoir plus février 15, 2023
    Interview : Mon expérience avec l’hémochromatose

    Interview with Johan, Hemochromatosis Patient. Two years ago he discovered that he is genetically predisposed to get the symptoms of hemochromatosis caused by the C282Y mutation. He has since become a big advocate of genetic testing and aims to raise awareness of hereditary hemochromatosis since patients often go undiagnosed for a long time. Learn today about his journey through Diagnosis and Treatment.

    En savoir plus février 10, 2023
    Est-ce que le sport régulier et intense peut conduire à une carence en fer?

    You exercise regularly and spend more than 10h a week engaging in sport activities. You watch what you eat, you limit sweets, snacks and alcohol intake. And yet, you still feel fatigue. Sounds familiar? If it does, one possible reason could be low iron levels. And while there are numerous articles online on iron deficiency, there is very little relevant information out there that addresses athletes and sportspeople in particular.

    En savoir plus janvier 20, 2023

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