Interview: Mon expérience avec l'hémochromatose

Johan est un chercheur de 36 ans qui s'intéresse à la biotechnologie et au développement de médicaments. Il y a deux ans, il a découvert qu'il était génétiquement prédisposé à présenter les symptômes de l'hémochromatose causés par la mutation C282Y. Depuis, il est devenu un grand défenseur des tests génétiques et vise à sensibiliser les gens à l'hémochromatose héréditaire car les patients ne sont souvent pas diagnostiqués assez tôt.

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Ce que tu dois savoir sur la thyroïde

Dans cet article, nous voulons t'en apprendre plus sur la thyroïde : comment elle fonctionne, à quelles dysfonctionnalités tu peux t'attendre et comment ces troubles touchent plus souvent les femmes que les hommes.

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Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run

This year Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run and offers the possibility to gain insights into your iron stores or thyroid status - for only €10!

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What I learned in my Bloom Internship

Meet Lisa, our data scientist. She joined Bloom last October as a data science intern and will become a full-time employee once she completes her master's degree.  


Lisa keeps a weekly log of her learnings to stay motivated and have guidance when approaching new challenges. She shares her experiences and tips about her Data Science internship.

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Can regular and intense sport lead to iron deficiency?

You exercise regularly and spend more than 10h a week engaging in sport activities. You watch what you eat, you limit sweets, snacks and alcohol intake. And yet, you still feel fatigue. Sounds familiar? If it does, one possible reason could be low iron levels. And while there are numerous articles online on iron deficiency, there is very little relevant information out there that addresses athletes and sportspeople in particular. 

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Simple Guide to Female Reproductive Anatomy

Do you know all of the components of your reproductive system? If someone asked you where your urethra is, or if you were asked about the purpose of your cervix, would you know the answer? Knowing your body is key to good health and well-being. 

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Ovarian Reserve: What it is, how it is measured, what influences it?

Whether you are thinking of starting a family or you would like to know more about your fertility as a female, it is important to understand the topic of your eggs.

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