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    Hogyan befolyásolja a mozgás az gyulladást?

    In this blog we will have a closer look at the connection between exercise and inflammation. First, we will get into what inflammation is, how it affects your body, and how you can measure it.

    Olvass tovább március 20, 2023
    Ingyenesen tesztelje vasraktárait az ÖGGK tesztelési hetén a Bloom Ferritin Teszttel

    Bloom Diagnostics is beyond excited to announce its upcoming collaboration with ÖGGK (Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze).

    Olvass tovább március 15, 2023
    Hogyan tartsuk egészségesen a veséinket

    Well-functioning kidneys are important for your well-being. That's why it's important to protect them. In this blog, we'll tell you how to keep your kidneys healthy.

    Olvass tovább március 10, 2023
    Milyen a cöliákia és hogyan befolyásolja a vas szintedet?

    Celiac disease is a life-long, autoimmune, genetic disease which causes the immune system to react abnormally to the consumption of gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley.

    Olvass tovább március 5, 2023
    A vesebetegség globális terhe

    Non-communicable diseases are among the ten greatest threats to human health, according to the World Health Organization. Over 70% of all deaths worldwide are said to be caused by non-communicable conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

    Olvass tovább február 25, 2023
    Mi az a gyulladás és miért van szükségünk rá?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks noncommunicable diseases among the top 10 greatest threats to human health. These are diseases that cannot be transmitted from one person to another, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

    Olvass tovább február 20, 2023
    Esettanulmány: a genetikai hemokromatózis beteg most már otthon is tesztelheti vasraktárait

    Would you like to learn about challenges of a genetic hemochromatosis patient? Read the case study on how Bloom device was used to tackle those challenges.

    Olvass tovább február 15, 2023
    Interjú: Tapasztalataim a hemokromatózissal

    Interview with Johan, Hemochromatosis Patient. Two years ago he discovered that he is genetically predisposed to get the symptoms of hemochromatosis caused by the C282Y mutation. He has since become a big advocate of genetic testing and aims to raise awareness of hereditary hemochromatosis since patients often go undiagnosed for a long time. Learn today about his journey through Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Olvass tovább február 10, 2023
    Az, amit tudnod kell a pajzsmirigyről

    In this article we want to tell you more about your thyroid – how it works, which disorders you might expect, and how they affect women more often than men.

    Olvass tovább február 5, 2023
    A Bloom Diagnostics ismét részt vesz az ASICS osztrák női futóversenyén

    This year Bloom Diagnostics is again part of the ASICS Austrian Women's Run and offers the possibility to gain insights into your iron stores or thyroid status - for only €10!

    Olvass tovább január 30, 2023
    Mindent amit a Bloom gyakornoki munkájában tanultam

    Meet Lisa, our data scientist. She joined Bloom last October as a data science intern and will become a full-time employee once she completes her master's degree. Lisa keeps a weekly log of her learnings to stay motivated and have guidance when approaching new challenges. She shares her experiences and tips about her Data Science internship.

    Olvass tovább január 25, 2023
    Lehet-e a rendszeres és intenzív sport a vas hiányához vezető ok?

    You exercise regularly and spend more than 10h a week engaging in sport activities. You watch what you eat, you limit sweets, snacks and alcohol intake. And yet, you still feel fatigue. Sounds familiar? If it does, one possible reason could be low iron levels. And while there are numerous articles online on iron deficiency, there is very little relevant information out there that addresses athletes and sportspeople in particular.

    Olvass tovább január 20, 2023
    Egyszerű útmutató a női reproduktív anatómiához

    Do you know all of the components of your reproductive system? If someone asked you where your urethra is, or if you were asked about the purpose of your cervix, would you know the answer? Knowing your body is key to good health and well-being.

    Olvass tovább január 15, 2023
    A petefészek tartalék: Mi az, hogyan mérhető, mi befolyásolja?

    Whether you are thinking of starting a family or you would like to know more about your fertility as a female, it is important to understand the topic of your eggs.

    Olvass tovább január 10, 2023

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