Bloom joins MADONNA Beauty Day

Last Friday, September 2nd, the Bloom team joined MADONNA Beauty Day at Vienna’s MAK (Museum of Applied Arts). There, visitors not only had the opportunity to learn about current trends in beauty and get their makeup and nails done, but were also able to get an insight into their health with a Bloom Test.

A large crowd doing jumping jacks in front of a stage at Hohe Warte


Visitors could try a Bloom Ferritin Test or a Bloom Inflammation Test at a reduced price – only 10€ – and the Bloom team was happy to see a few users even try out both. Some users were already aware that their iron levels may be low and could get a quick confirmation with the Bloom Ferritin Test. 

“Iron levels are, I think, important to check regularly. Since I follow a plant-based diet, this is an issue from time to time,” Christina B., founder of Feschi and satisfied Bloom customer, commented after taking the test.

The Bloom Inflammation Test was officially launched earlier this summer, and it was great to see a lot of visitors curious about the new product. To find out more about what inflammation is and why you might want to test for it, see our recent blog on the topic here.

Many visitors were happy to take a little time during the busy event to sit down at the Bloom booth and test their ferritin or C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, receiving their results on the Bloom App in less than 20 minutes, and keeping the Bloom team busy for almost the entire day. Any user who needed assistance could turn to one of Bloom’s medical professionals for help, who were happy to guide them through the process.

Inside the Bloom tent participants take tests. The Bloom team stands ready to assist.


This was the first time Bloom participated in the MADONNA Beauty Day event and, with many tests performed and new satisfied customers gained, considers it a full success. In case you missed it, the Bloom team is looking forward to seeing you at the next event soon!

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