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    Bloom System

    Connect to your blood.

    Our smart system combines laboratory technology with a personalized analysis. The Bloom System is CE mark approved for the EU and Switzerland.


    Bloom Tests make blood values visible

    Bloom Tests are designed to capture specific biomarkers from a few drops of blood. Based on established lateral flow immunoassay technology, they make blood values visible. We are constantly working to expand our test offering.

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    The Bloom Lab analyzes Bloom Test strips in a few minutes

    The Bloom Lab has been developed to analyze Bloom Test strips. Quickly and accurately. All while championing data privacy and providing world class ease of use. Setting it up is as easy as plugging it in. It is maintenance free by design and can be easily cleaned and updated when necessary.

    Bloom App

    The Bloom App delivers personalized analysis on smartphones

    The Bloom App explains the meaning of test results in a personalized, detailed report with actionable information. Provided in simple language, with medical accuracy, all while keeping your data fully protected.

    *compatible from iOS 13.5 onwards and from Android 6.0 onwards


    Bloom Analytics delivers medical accuracy

    Bloom Analytics is Bloom Diagnostics’ custom cloud solution. Developed over many years in close cooperation between medical experts, biotech specialists, cryptography enthusiasts and production professionals, it is the heart and soul of the Bloom System. When a user performs a measurement, Bloom Analytics calibrates the raw measurement data on production-based calibration curves to deliver maximum accuracy. It then connects the results with self-reported symptoms to generate the medical analysis, which the Bloom App presents to the user. Fully anonymously. Bloom Analytics securely saves your measurement history, while always ensuring it doesn’t know who you are.


    Meet Annabelle

    Learn how Annabelle manages her health from the comfort of her home with the Bloom System.

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