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    Test your iron stores for free at the ÖGGK’s testing week with a Bloom Ferritin Test

    March 15, 2023

    Bloom Diagnostics is beyond excited to announce its upcoming collaboration with ÖGGK (Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze).

    Based in Vienna, ÖGGK regularly organizes events such as seminars and lectures about a variety of topics related to physical and mental health, presents concerts and art galleries, and offers opportunities to exercise, such as hikes and yoga classes. Beyond that, ÖGGK often collaborates with healthcare providers and medical experts to bring various health issues closer to their members.

    Sharing a passion for making healthcare and knowledge more accessible, ÖGGK is hosting a series of testing days from October 17th-22nd at 18 pharmacies across Vienna. With a free Bloom Ferritin Test, participants will be able to test iron stores in their blood and receive their results and personalized report on their phone in under 20 minutes.

    Younger women and athletes in particular often suffer from iron deficiency and are affected by symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and dizziness. An ferritin test can provide certainty and is a first step in the targeted treatment of a possible deficiency.

    You can find all participating pharmacies here.

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