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    Bloom Inflammation Test

    The Bloom Inflammation Test measures your C-reactive protein (CRP) level, a well-established indicator of inflammation. The testing process only takes a few minutes and needs just a drop of blood.

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    Inflammation is your immune system’s response to something damaging your body's tissues. An elevated CRP value reflects the presence and intensity of an inflammation and can be a sign of disease, even before you experience any clinical symptoms.

    The following symptoms can indicate inflammation:

    • Fever
    • Sore throat
    • Coughing
    • Ear pain
    • Chest pain
    • Abdominal pain
    • Joint pain
    • Muscle pain
    • Back pain

    Get fast results

    A few minutes after taking the test, you can view the Bloom Inflammation report on your phone. It explains your test results and provides you with personalised recommendations.


    How it works

    Performing a Bloom Test couldn’t be easier. In this short video, Anabelle guides you through the process.

    Try it yourself at one of Bloom’s partner locations, where you can test with the help of healthcare professionals.


    One package. All you need.

    The Bloom Inflammation Test includes everything you need to autonomously perform a blood test and gain insights into your inflammation status.


    Easy. Understandable. At your own pace.

    The Bloom App guides you through each step with video instructions. Designed for maximum ease of use, it allows you to perform the test at your own pace. It connects to the Bloom Lab via NFC to establish a secure pairing and validates your Bloom Test. All automatically.


    More than just a test result

    In conjunction with the Bloom Lab and the Bloom App, the Bloom Inflammation Test quantifies and interprets your test results for you. Based on research done by our medical team and established healthcare guidelines, the Bloom App can help you to read and understand your own test results.

    Your medical history – current symptoms, chronic illnesses, medications, and lifestyle – provide the basis for this interpretation. Your data will be encrypted and protected.


    Track. Act.

    Every time you take a Bloom Inflammation Test, your results are saved in the Bloom App. This way, you can track your test results over time and see how your CRP-levels develop.


    C-reactive protein (CRP)

    C-reactive protein (CRP) is a well-established indicator of inflammation widely used in clinical practice by healthcare professionals. CRP is a protein produced by the liver as part of the acute phase response to inflammation. Although CRP is a sensitive indicator of inflammation, it is not specific to the type of inflammation. Curious to learn more about CRP and Inflammation?

    Bloom Testimonials

    What others are saying

    It was quite simple and as advertised. You then have whole lists of what to look out for when the iron level is low.


    It was very easy with the app, it's relatively self-explanatory. I now have a clue within 10 minutes what I should do.


    I was surprised at how well it worked.


    This is something genius.


    It was super easy.


    What is provided for the test – super thoughtful.


    It went great.


    My experience was actually really really good. I’m a little bit addicted, I would say.


    It was very nicely explained. Both the labeling and the videos made it very easy to go through the process.


    Would definitely be handy to do it more often and not always having to check for a full blood status.


    Goes fast.

    Bloom Products

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    Bloom Lab
    299.00 EUR

    The Bloom Lab analyzes Bloom Test strips in a few minutes and sends the results to your Bloom App, which generates your personalized health report.

    *Requires Bloom Test and Bloom App.

    Inflammation Starter Pack
    369.00 EUR

    Contains 1 Bloom Lab und 3 Bloom Inflammation Tests.

    *Requires Bloom App.

    Inflammation Test
    24.00 EUR

    The Bloom Inflammation Test measures your C-reactive protein (CRP) level, a well-established indicator of inflammation. Intended for healthcare professional use.

    *Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

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    Become a partner and offer the Bloom System to your patients. Get the Bloom System delivered to your home from our webshop or get in touch to learn more.

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